1/4 C30A/C32B Black (Honda NSX) Scale Engine


1/4 scale Honda NSX C30A/C32B engine replica. Equipped exclusively in the Honda NSX, this NA high revving engine was the second to use the VTEC system after B16A and the most powerful in the honda lineup back then. It was hand-built and was the first mass-production engine to use titanium connecting rods.

  • Highly detailed from top to bottom.
  • Realistic dimensions, all bolts and holes are represented
  • Painted to replicate aluminum, wrinkle paint, plastic, and other surfaces
  • Completely detailed and removable intake manifold, including VVIS (Variable Volume Induction System)
  • Spark plug covers can be removed to show coils
  • Comes with crate pallet stand

Size with stand: 21x17x19 (centimeters)